The Latest News: 2/16/20

We have overhauled our shipping rates based upon the latest rates from the USPS and UPS, and we're passing these discounts to you. In most cases, the cost of shipping has gone down, but due to the penalties that are in effect with UPS for packages over 50 pounds, we're shipping larger orders in multiple boxes. As a result of the increased costs of shipping larger orders, we've discontinued the flat shipping rates above a given dollar threshold.

The HobbyZone factory has caught up with production with all of their storage modules and hanging paint racks and we've received a huge resupply at the end of last week and more coming this week. To help things along, we'd offer incoming modules for sale when we had a firm delivery date and many folks took advantage of reserving modules before they arrived. Now that the factory has more or less caught up with module production, we will only show what is physically in stock as we do not have backorders - if you can order it, we will ship it within a day or two of your order.

We now have the Sakura Pigma ultra-fine-point marking pens in stock, you can see them with our other modeling tools here.

We're still about two weeks out on the new items and restock from Metallic Details as they are finally finished producing their new releases. They've just released the 1/48 S-3 Viking weapons bay which we've mentioned previously and we're also going to receive their new 1/48 SR-71 nose correction sets which had not been previously announced.

We received our first shipment from a company in Russia that produces a nice selection of afterburner nozzles for various types of MiG-21, Su-7, and Su-17 variants in 1/48 scale, as well as an interesting set of R-60 (AA-8 Aphid) missile sets in 1/32 scale. Stay tuned!