The Latest News:

Thank you for your business! Things have been moving swiftly as we enter the holiday shopping season. We have more HobbyZone orders coming in Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and at this rate, probably on Friday as well. If you find we don't have something you're looking for in stock, check back every day or two, or drop us an email for the latest intel. In the meantime, we have resupplied our ResKit wheels and conversions (especially the CH-53 rotor heads), Yahu instrument panels, Green Strawberry Star Destroyer details, and more.

We've received our first shipment from Cold War Studio with some impressive 1/48 corrections, details, and conversions - look here.

New from Metallic Details is the 1/48 S-3 Viking Wheel Well set, 1/48 Su-34 Cockpit, and more - look here.

Also new are the F-104J Starfighter decals in 1/48 and 1/32 from fundekals - look here.

For more information, visit our website at HobbyZone USA (