The Latest News:

We have inventories replenished in the store now if you're looking for any of the full-range of modular workshop storage kits.

The shipment from Metallic Details just arrived and we have received some new items in addition to our resupply of inventory. We'll have these available online shortly. The new items include:

  • 1/48 Po-2 Detail Set
  • 1/48 F-15E Nozzles (Revell)
  • 1/48 F-15A-D Eagle Nozzles w/o turkey feathers (GWH/Revell)
  • 1/48 F-15A-D Eagle Nozzles w/turkey feathers (GWH/Revell)
  • 1/48 MiG-23 Nozzle (Trumpeter)
  • 1/48 Harrier GR.7/9 Swiveling Nozzles (Hasegawa/Eduard)

We've also received a shipment from Japan of the Micron Pigma pens with .03 mm and .05 mm tips for marking panel lines and other surface details on scale models. The pens come in your choice of black or sepia (brown) ink and the tips drop nicely into most scribed panel lines. We'll have these available online shortly.

We also have other resupplies enroute from Airscale, Green Strawberry, Begemot, and more. Stay tuned for the latest news as these shipments arrive over the next few weeks.