The Latest News:

Now that we're past Labor Day weekend, more folks are heading to their hobby spaces and preparing for the winter season. To help you remodel your space, we keep a large stock of HobbyZone modules in stock and maintain a steady flow of shipments to keep it that way. We generally ship your orders within 24 hours, though weekends and logistics delays may cause a day or two delay. We've been selling quite a few HobbyZone modules since we returned from the IPMS National Convention (thank you!) and if you're looking for something, please check back every day or two, or drop us an email with what you're looking for.

We've received our restock on the Reskit 1/48 CH-53 rotor heads, tail rotors, and air refueling booms. Note that these and all other Reskit products are sold exclusively through our eBay store.

We have also received our restock of Metallic Details 1/48 Su-34 cockpits as well as S-3 Viking engines.

The Yahu resupply just arrived with a number of items including the new 1/48 A-20G and 1/32 early P-47 instrument panels.

Begemot Decals has delayed their 1/48 Yak-130 sheet until the end of the year, but we have a resupply of the Su-35S and other items that should arrive in the next week or two.

For more information, visit our website at HobbyZone USA (