The Latest News: 10/16/21

Shipping Update: On October 1st, the USPS raised prices on First Class mail but have also slowed First Class service in some cases. We've decided to revise our shipping and implement a tiered shipping system for those items that were previously 'free shipping' as well as lower the prices for those items accordingly. At checkout, we give you the option of First Class shipping at $4.00 USD for an item (or items) that total a few ounces, $6.00 USD for as many for as many items that total just under one pound, and we now offer a priority mail option starting at $10 USD for under pound and goes up to $18 USD for up to three pounds. As before, Priority mail is 2-3 days to any part of the continental US and a little longer to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. The choice is yours.

Customer Service: It also seems that after October 1st, some of the restrictions on spam calling may have expired as our phones suddenly went berserk. As a result, we have turned off our phones, but if you do need help with an order or our products, please drop us a line at and we can schedule a time for you to call us or we can call you.

Reminder: We do not allow preorders nor backorders. If you can order an item off our website, that means we have it in stock and it will generally ship the next business day.

HobbyZone: HobbyZone has released a new line of hobby files, stay tuned for more.

Our ongoing special: one free paint stand with EVERY order. One stand per order as long as supplies last.

All of the HobbyZone modules and accessories are in stock (except the AJ01 aircraft jig).

Quinta Studio: Our next order from Quinta Studios hasn't shipped yet (they're getting busier by the day) and include the following releases:

  • 1/32 He 162 (REV)
  • 1/48 Bf 109E (AFX)
  • 1/48 Bf 109E (TAM)
  • 1/48 F4U-1A (TAM)
  • 1/48 F4U-5 (HB)
  • 1/48 Fw 190D-9 (TAM)
  • 1/48 P-38H (TAM)
  • 1/48 Su-17M4/Su-22M4 (KH)
  • 1/48 Su-27 (KH)
  • 1/48 Su-27UB (KH)
  • 1/48 Yak-130 (KH)

Quinta Studios has announced these new releases and they will be here a week or so after we receive the above shipment:

  • 1/35 Opel Blitz (DML)
  • 1/35 Horch 4x4 (TAM)
  • 1/48 XA2D-1 (CP)
  • 1/48 Me 262B-1a/U1 (HB)
  • 1/48 Su-33 (MB)
  • 1/48 F-14A (HAS)

Quinta Studios has released two sets of regular decals for the 1/48 Su-17M4 - the first is Afghan War Service and the second is a set of airframe stencils.

You can see all of the Quinta Studio products in stock here.

Metallic Details: We were a little surprised by how popular the waist gunner detail sets are for the HK Model and Revell-Monogram 1/48 B-17 kits as well as for the Revell-Monogram 1/48 B-24 kits. We've already received another shipment of those which as now in stock.

You can see all of the Metallic Details products in stock here.

Airscale: You can see all of the Airscale products in stock here.

Anyz: You can see all of the Anyz products in stock here.

Cold War Studio: You can see all of the Cold War Studio products in stock here.

fundekals: You can see all of the fundekals products in stock here.

Modeling Tools: You can see all of the various tools in stock here.

ParaGrafix: You can see all of the ParaGrafix products in stock here.

Note: We ship using USPS with tracking numbers for small and/or short distance orders while larger orders ship via UPS. Orders received before 4PM (EST) will generally go out the next day, but orders that arrive after 4PM will be processed on the following day and ship the day after that. Please allow 24 hours after that for the USPS/UPS tracking numbers to go 'live'.

As always, stop by HobbyZone USA ( or our Facebook page for the latest news and a great selection of hobby tools and aftermarket modeling details and decals. If you have any questions or are looking for something specific, please do email us at or private message us on our Facebook page and we'll get right back to you.

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